The following terms and conditions govern the sale by XanEdu to you of all your orders produced and finalized through the Blog2Print website. By accepting delivery of the products described on your invoice, you agree to be bound by and to accept these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior written notice at any time, at XanEdu’s sole discretion.


XanEdu’s Blog2Print application can be used to create books and other products as described throughout the Blog2Print website and any promotional materials. You are able to view your book prior to finalizing your order; please note that the photos in this preview are in low resolution. Orders are not binding upon XanEdu until accepted by XanEdu. Acceptance of the order will be evidenced by shipment of the product.


Please refer to the product description in promotional materials and on the Blog2Print website for the listing of the price of each of the products available for sale directly through XanEdu. XanEdu reserves the right to change the pricing on its products and to offer discounts from time to time. XanEdu has no control over the price of products sold by affiliates through the embedded links found within the text and content on the XanEdu website. Any applicable sales promotions or rebate offers are not valid when combined with any other sales promotions or rebate offers for the same product.


XanEdu does not currently have the ability to process tax exempt orders. As required by law, XanEdu will collect appropriate taxes in all states where XanEdu has a physical presence. When applicable, XanEdu will provide an estimate of any tax or other fee of any nature imposed upon any sales transaction made on the Blog2Print website by any federal, state or local government authority. You acknowledge that such fees are in addition to the price quoted for the product you purchased and that you are solely responsible for such fees. XanEdu reserves the right to revise such estimates and to charge a different final amount on your credit card, provided that such difference is nominal and accurately reflects the balance of the fee imposed by any government agencies without adding any surcharges, such as processing or service fees.


Payments are charged to your credit card at the time you place your order. If you received a voucher code for a presale order or other promotional offer, the voucher code must be inserted during the online checkout process for an advance purchase or a promotional offer to be recognized. Vouchers do not include international shipping and handling charges or extra pages that you added to the book, so if you are requesting international shipment for your book you will be charged additionally for international shipping and handling fees and/or extra pages during checkout. XanEdu accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and there are no credit card surcharges imposed by XanEdu. XanEdu will not process any orders where a credit card confirmation number is not provided by the credit card company or its representatives or affiliates. Credit card payments will be accepted from select countries at the moment; however, XanEdu may decide to accept credit card payments from other countries at its sole discretion, please contact Customer Service if you are experiencing difficulties with your credit card purchase. All payments are to be made in United States Dollars or Canadian Dollars, as indicated on our product website. Additional conversion fees may be charged by your credit card company in order to convert a foreign payment into US Dollars or Canadian Dollars, as the case may be. XanEdu will provide you by email with an invoice itemizing your purchase to the address that you provided during the registration process.


Title to products that you purchase passes to you at the time of purchase. The risk of loss and damage for such items passes to you upon your acceptance of the shipment from us by a common carrier. XanEdu shall not be liable for delays in performance or delivery that are caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.


Books purchased from XanEdu are for personal use only and are not intended for resale or commercial use. XanEdu reserves the right to audit orders, to cancel any sale based on its sole discretion, and to limit quantities purchased, as well as any other legal remedy allowed by law.

With respect to certain goods, such as cookbooks purchased from XanEdu through BigOven, these cookbooks may be subject to resale, for fundraising purposes. XanEdu shall still reserve the right to audit orders, to cancel any sale based on its sole discretion, and to limit quantities purchased, as well as any other legal remedy allowed by law.


Product will be shipped in a generic cardboard box or padded package via the the shipping option that you select at checkout.

Expedited shipping is also available for an additional charge.


XanEdu only accepts returns on products that are misprinted or damaged in shipping and that are returned within 30 days of product purchase. In all other instances, no refund will be made to you regardless of whether you ship the product back to XanEdu; this is due to the personalized nature of the product. XanEdu reserves the right to issue either a product replacement or a refund in the event of a product misprint. If you purchase a voucher that includes international shipping costs and later specify a domestic shipping destination during the checkout process, XanEdu will not issue a refund for the incremental difference between the cost of the domestic voucher and the cost of the international voucher. For any voucher that is not redeemed prior to the expiration date listed on your voucher confirmation, XanEdu will create and send a standard book to fulfill your order and therefore shall not provide refunds in such instances. XanEdu will send you a reminder to your email address on record prior to the expiration of your voucher. XanEdu reserves that right to change the expiration date at any time.


Products shall be generally in accordance with the description on the website. Please review the terms of the User Agreement regarding XanEdu’s warranties and limitations on liabilities.


In no event shall XanEdu’s liability exceed the purchase price of the products purchased hereunder.


If you experience any difficulty using the Blog2Print application and/or placing an order, please contact XanEdu’s Customer Service Department.

Updated on 04/13/12